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Money is being managed at Sri Somesvara in accordance with Vedic principles in order to maintain a higher vibration. Paying for ceremonies is improper, according to Vedic Astrology. All donations will therefore be used towards Temple costs, Pandit's family, and supplies for the Temple. You will be given the numerous blessings and advantages accorded to a supporter of the Temple as a token of appreciation for your contribution, and your name will be read aloud during the ceremony you choose. We are the best specialists in Hawan and Pooja in Delhi.

Navgrah Shanti Pooja

Higher blessings will result from giving to a greater cause than from focusing on one's own tiny self (personality desires). Additionally, it will increase one's consciousness of the bigger picture and of the presence of God inside. Every devotee will get a lift as a result. We want you to experience the uniqueness of a Vedic Temple. We provide Navgrah Shanti Pooja in Delhi.

Greh Pravesh Pooja in India

Many people consider moving into a new home to be a significant occasion since it represents a fresh start in life. Indians tend to be picky when it comes to shubh muhurats when they are moving to a new home or purchasing a new piece of property. On an auspicious day, they believe that completing a griha Pravesh, which is essentially the housewarming ceremony, will bring them luck. Hindus perform a puja ceremony on an auspicious muhurat as part of the Griha Pravesh ritual whenever someone moves into a new home for the first time. We offer the best quality of Greh Pravesh Pooja in India.


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Kundli Dosh Niwaran Pooja

1 Ganesh Pooja 11000
2 Lakshmi Pooja 11000
3 Lakshmi Narayan Pooja 11000
4 Lakshmi Kuber Pooja 11000
5 Shri Suktam Anushthan 11000
6 Sri Suktha Pooja 11000
7 Greh Pravesh Pooja 11000
8 Yaksha Kuber Pooja 11000

Pooja for Protection

1 Navgrah Pooja Stage 1 45000
2 Shani Shanti Pooja 11000
3 Mahamritunjya Chant ( 21000) 11000
4 Kaal Sarp Yog Dosh Pooja 11000
5 Kali Pooja 41000
6 Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja 15000
7 Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Pooja 11000
8 Sudarshan Pooja 11000
9 Shatru Badha Nivaran 11000
10 Durga Sabshati Path 11000

Pooja For Children Blessing

1 Birthday pooja 11000
2 Sri Saraswati Pooja 11000
3 Ayusha Pooja 11000
4 Santan Gopal Pooja 11000
5 Rudra Abhishek 11000

Pooja for Marital Bliss

1 Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja 11000
2 Uma Maheshwari Pooja 11000
3 Shiv Shakti Pooja 11000
4 Pooja For Early Marriage 11000
5 Mangla Gouri Pooja 11000

Pooja for Planets

1 Sun - Surya Pooja 11000
2 Moon - Chandra Pooja 11000
3 Mars - Mangal Pooja 11000
4 Mercury - Budh Pooja 11000
5 Jupiter Brihaspati Pooja 11000
6 Venus - Shukra Pooja 11000
7 Saturn - Shani Pooja 11000
8 Rahu Pooja 11000
9 Ketu Pooja 11000
10 Navgrah Pooja Stage 2 999999

Miscellaneous Pooja

1 Yam Yakshni Pooja 27000
2 Managal Chandika Pooja 27000
3 Uchatan Pooja 27000
4 Shodash Mattra Tkka Pooja 27000
5 Roop Shodasi Pooj 27000
6 Chosath Yogini Pooja 27000
7 Dev Sena Pooja 35000
8 Sidh Kunjika Anushthan 35000
9 Shatrunjay Hanuman Kavach 35000
10 Apsara Sidh Anushthan 35000

Maha Pooja For Early Result

1 Sarva Aishwarya Pooja 100000
2 MahaVavgrah Shanti Pooja 100000
3 Maha Mritunjay 1.5 Lac Jaap 150000
4 Maha Mrityunjaya 2.5 Lac Jaap 225000
5 Maha Navgrah Shanti Pooja & Hawan 225000
6 Sarva Aishwarya Pooja 251000
7 Maha Lakshmi Pooja 551000
8 Shani Sade Sati Niwaran Pooja In Shani Shingnapur Maharashtra 1100000
9 Upari Badha Niwaran Pooja In Mehandipur Balaji Temple Rajisthan 1100000
10 Sarva Kamna Purti pooja In Kamakhya Devi Temple Guwahati 2100000
11 Sarva Kamna Purti Bhasma Aarti in Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain 2100000
12 Navgraha Pooja stage 3 5100000
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Online courses are available for astrology at Astro Meenakshi. Other than the astrology course, there are three more courses available that are Numerology course, the Palmistry course, and the Vastu course.

The astrology course covers topics here like the basics of astrology, zodiac signs, different types of planets and their characteristics, yoga, nakshatra, and many more learnings related to astrology.

If you are talking about astrological course duration then it is 3 months. Other duration courses are given below: Numerology Course - 2 months Palmistry Course - 2 months Vastu Course - 2 months

Yes, we organize havan and pooja. Visit the website for further details.

There are 8 major Pooja we are involved in, which are further categorized into 50+ pooja that we arrange.

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