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Astrology encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of oneself. It inspires you to quit going in circles and get past your obstacles. Leaving behind all damaging and counterproductive behavior is a part of this. Decide how you will react to and behave in your environment.

Since the beginning of time, people have gazed upward. They frequently did this in an effort to get to the bottom of some of the most crucial topics of all. People who study astrology today could come across as mere dreamers. However, astrology is a valid way to look into how celestial objects affect our lives.

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Suns, stars, moons, and planets are some of these celestial bodies. You already know that our personalities are shaped by their position at the moment of our birth. This information can help us predict our futures in terms of love, money, and other areas.

In summary, Astrology Courses gives us the ability to foretell what our future will hold. But contrary to what most people believe, this is only one part of it. In a broader sense, astrology investigates connections between astronomical positions and events on Earth.

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As a result, it serves as a window through which we may view both ourselves and the environment. We can develop and become better versions of ourselves with its assistance. Here are the explanations.

The area of study known as astrology studies the motions and placements of celestial bodies. There is a common belief that these motions and positions are connected and affect both human behavior and the natural environment. By analyzing someone's hands, a palmist can learn about that person's characteristics and forecast their future. We are the best providers of Palmistry Courses in Delhi.

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Astrology Courses

Do you believe astrology is important in this contemporary day of technology and science with unorthodox beliefs and concepts? You could say that astrology is a very old concept. Our past, present, and future all revolve around this crucial aspect of our life. Astrology is frequently used to foretell and predict future events. It can also be employed as a tool to resolve any type of problem relating to planetary placements.

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Numerology Courses

Ever catch yourself staring at the clock at exactly 11:11? Or perhaps you've ever wondered why you keep running across people who were born on the same day of the month? Alternatively, why does your lucky number appear in strange places? A powerful, ancient system that dates back thousands of years is made up of numerology numbers. With the aid of that approach, it is simple to determine Life Path Numbers and Destiny Numbers, among other fundamental numerology ideas.

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Palmistry Courses

Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is one of the most revered divination techniques despite being challenging to understand (pun definitely intended). In a nutshell, palmistry is the practice of interpreting personality traits and foretelling future events by examining the physical qualities of the hands. Hands are regarded as windows in palmistry that reveal priceless information. We provide the best Palmistry Courses in Delhi.

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Vaastu Course

The forces that affect a specific place through the flow of positive energy are encapsulated by the inquisitive science of architecture known as Vastu shastra. Vastu Vidya is the sacred, all-encompassing science relating to home design and construction. Vastu is the Sanskrit word for "abode" or "mansion," and Vidya or Shastra is the Sanskrit word for knowledge. One of Hinduism's oldest sacred texts, the Sthapathya Veda, served as the source for the Vastu principles. We are the best specialists in Vastu Shastra in Delhi.

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Can We Meet Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Physically?

Personal face-to-face consultation is also available. You need to book your appointment on this number 91-98999584896 /91-9013548905 or send her an e-mail at

Is Telephonic Consultation Available?

YES, Telephonic consultation is available. You need to submit the Birth details & Appointment form on our website and we would call you within 24 hours of your submission for finalizing the date and time which is comfortable for you and us as well.

What Kind Of Astrology Services Are Available Here?

Vedic Astrology Love Astrology Marriage Astrology Second Marriage Astrology Child Adoption Astrology Corporate Astrology Financial Astrology Political Astrology Horoscope Astrology

What Kind Of Products Are Available At Astro Meenakshi?

Vastu Products Fengshui Products Rudraksha Beads Kavach Parad Products Crystal Products Gem And Stones Shaligram Gold, Silver, And Copper Plated Yantras

Do We Avail Courses On Astrology?

Online courses are available for astrology at Astro Meenakshi. Other than the astrology course, there are three more courses available that are Numerology course, the Palmistry course, and the Vastu course.

What Do We Teach In The Astrology Course?

The astrology course covers topics here like the basics of astrology, zodiac signs, different types of planets and their characteristics, yoga, nakshatra, and many more learnings related to astrology.

How Much Time Does It Take To Complete The Course?

If you are talking about astrological course duration then it is 3 months. Other duration courses are given below: Numerology Course - 2 months Palmistry Course - 2 months Vastu Course - 2 months

Does Astro Meenakshi Conduct Hawan And Pooja?

Yes, we organize havan and pooja. Visit the website for further details.

List Of Hawan And Pooja Available?

There are 8 major Pooja we are involved in, which are further categorized into 50+ pooja that we arrange.

What Is The Proper Address Of The Location?

A - 7C, DDA Flats, Road No. 33 Punjabi Bagh Ext. New Delhi

Dr. Meenaakshi Sharma - Best Astrologer In India.

Dr. Meenaakshi stands amidst the celebrated Vastu Consultants. Her advice offers a light on inner contradictions and natural strengths of people.

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