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Numerology courses details

Numerology Courses Details

Numerology often associated with astrology, numerology is the belief in the divine, mystical, and special relationship between numbers and events in the real world. Those that study numerology study the symbolism of numbers. It is often used to determine particular characteristics about a certain person including their personality, strengths, talents, inner needs, and emotional reactions.

Numerology is not a new phenomenon. The relationship between numbers and coinciding events has been noted for thousands of years. Indeed, numerology’s history stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylonia. The field was first formally organized by well-known mathematician Pythagoras about 2,6000 years ago in ancient Greece. Since its beginnings, numerology has constantly evolved, slowly becoming the modern field of study that it is today.

About Meenaakshi Ji

Astrologer Dr. Meenaakshi Sharma, topmost astrologer from Delhi is engaged in offering Astrological Remedies and education to the most renowned clients from India and Abroad, who approach her for their diverse needs and requirements related to personal & professional Worries and Astrology & Vaastu Products

Dr Meenaakshi Sharma was born in Hindu Brahmin family at New Delhi. As far as her education is concerned she had completed her graduation from Delhi University then Jyotish Acharya Degree from well-known Astrology Learning Institute Bhartiyas Vidya Bhavan (BVB), K.G. Marg, New Delhi after completion of 3 years regular course and then completed her Doctorate from Calcutta University. She was awarded by Gold Medals more than 12 times by All India Jyotish Association in Haridwar and Nabha for having good number of satisfied clients to whom she has suggested remedies. She also keep herself engage in researches by her own for the benefit of mankind, and also under the guidance of well-known astrologer and owner of BVB, Mr K. N. Rao at New Delhi.

She has been providing astrological remedies and practicing Vedic astrology from last ten years she is a Vedic Astrologer and Palmist too and has great faith in Vedic Astrology and always apply the rules and norms of Vedic Astrology while providing remedies and predict the fortune of individuals. 

Course Deliverables

Our course of Numerology includes all the concepts required for an in-depth study of the palm reading art. The course comprises study of:

  • Introduction of Numerology
  • Personality Numbers
  • Personality Numbers Meaning
  • The Forecasting Number
  • Impact of Other Numbers Around You
  • Significance of Basic numbers
  • Basic Numbers / Compound Numbers / Master numbers & Karmic numbers
  • Intensity of each number in a chart, temperamental delineation
  • Challenge numbers / Pinnacle numbers, personal year, event numbers
  • Preparation of charts of individual (year wise) to check the events in the past & in the coming years
  • Significance of all the alphabets (A to Z) with their related number
  • Match-making through numbers (Talent Numbers)

Note To Consider:

  • The registration fee for the course should be deposited in advance
  • One-time fee for the entire course is INR ,27000.00The classes will be conducted Online, WhatsApp & Skype and Offline telephonic, class room training
  • A merit certificate will be provided after the successful completion of the course
  • Fees Includes Course Books and self-practice test
  • One day work shop which have fees Rs 2100 is free
  • Duration Of Course shall be for Two months from the date of Registration.
  • Course Books and Self practice assignments are Included


Any Individual who is interested In Learning Astrology to welcome to the join this online Course.

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